There are hundreds of different courses and career opportunities open to Leaving Cert students. CAO courses, PLC’s and an ever increasing range of apprenticeships, in addition there are  thousands of UCAS courses (UK) and  courses in Europe (EUNICAS) .

Although this presents great opportunities, it can be daunting. Navigating through course information, application procedures and entry requirements is a complex task for both student and parent.

Students must also try to gain an  awareness of what course/career will best fit  their interests, motivation, abilities and values. 

I provide can provide a tailor-made guidance service that can help guide a student in the right direction.

what does the tailor made guidance service consist of?

  • A combination of psychometric testing and guided discussion.
  • Students are encouraged to explore their interests, motivation, abilities and values. 
  • A clear explanation of the options available, application procedures involved and resources for further research.

Whether the student feels they know what career area they want to pursue or is very unsure about what they want to do after school, I will tailor the Guidance process to best suit their needs.

What is discussed during the guidance process?

      Here is  a list of topics can can be covered during the Guidance sessions:

  • Review of academic record and past results.
  • Discussion of academic likes/dislikes, strengths & weaknesses.
  • Discussion of effort made/motivation so far in school.
  • Review of interests/hobbies, aptitudes, work experience.
  • Introduction and review of useful online guidance resources.
  • Introduction and explanation of various career pathways.
  • CAO- Application to Irish third level institutions -Points system.
  • College/Course entry requirements.
  • PLC/Fetac level 5 – Post Leaving Cert courses.
  • Apprenticeships – Combination of work experience and academic qualification.
  • UCAS -Application to UK third level institutions.
  • EUNICAS – Application to European universities.

How exactly does the guidance process work?

  • The  student fills out an initial information form and does some personality/interest tests online.
  •  Two Guidance sessions  online/in the home of the student covering academic history, hobbies, motivation, values, likes/dislikes, work experience, future options etc.
  • A comprehensive 25 page report containing test results, outcomes of discussions including feedback, recommendations and lots of helpful tips is sent to the student.