The Guidance Process



Initial contact stage.

An introduction consultation (online/at home)  with the parent and/or student establishing the needs and expectations of the student and how best these needs can be addressed. Following the initial conversation the student fills out an online information form (school results, subject preferences, interests/hobbies, work experience) and online policy contract (in line with best practice). Students then complete an online validated psychometric Careers interest test.


Session 1. (90 mins) I

Meeting with the student online/at home. The following is discussed and explored:

  • Psychometric test outcomes, interest/hobbies, school results, subject preferences, possible future pathways etc
  • Advice and Guidance on how to choose the most suitable career/course.
  • Full explanation will be given of the third level system & application procedures (CAO, PLC’s, apprenticeships, UCAS etc)
  • Explanation of best career and course exploration online tools to enable them to carry out their own research prior to completion of the application procedure (CAO, PLC, Apprenticeship).
  • Completion of additional short psychometric tests (multiple intelligence, values etc).
  • Collaboratively explore possible pathways and give research task to complete for session 2.



Session 2 (90 mins)

Meeting with the student and/or parents in their home/online. The following is discussed and explored:

  • More detailed discussion/exploration of the outcomes of the testing and the research task from previous session.
  • Evaluate specific suitable course/career pathways (entry requirements, points, application process)
  • Realistic goal-setting and targets.
  • Compiling possible course lists/ CAO courses list.
  • CV/interview preparation (if applicable).

It is highly recommend that a parent comes in for part of session 2 , so that they are fully informed and understand the process. This means they can work collaboratively with their son/daughter, support them and take an active role in the son/daughters journey.


Final stage.

Within a week of of session 2 a comprehensive report on the Guidance process is posted/emailed.

The report contains the follow:

  • Details on what was discussed and explored during the two sessions.
  • Results and interpretation of psychometric tests (Career interest, personality,  and multiple intelligence).
  • Details of possible suitable careers and pathways to these careers (subject & entry requirements, application etc). 
  • Goal-setting and action plan.
  • Conclusions and recommendations containing tips and advice.
  • List of useful course and career information resources for further independent research.

The process outlined is generally followed with each student however the process varies to suit  the individual needs and expectations as required. 

A follow up session can be arranged at an agreed period after the guidance consultation to reinforce and monitor what was learned during the two Guidance sessions.